Tips For Exhibiting in a Bridal Show

Before the Bridal Show:

  • Post on social media to let engaged couples know you will be at the show, and invite them to come by your booth to meet you in person and see samples of what you do.
  • Plan the right number of trained people to work your booth. Make sure these are people that know the products/services, are enthusiastic about your company and are people-oriented.
  • Be prepared with the materials you will need for your booth. You will want to bring more than enough literature (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.) to give the couples, and bring pens, contracts and any other forms that you need to conduct sales and keep track of bookings or orders.
  • Create a unique show promotion to give engaged couples an incentive to book with you.

 At the Bridal Show:

  • Arrive early and dress professionally. Allow more time than you think you need for your booth set-up.
  • Give yourself time before the show begins to network with the other exhibitors.
  • Make sure your booth clearly portrays what your product/service is. Keep it organized, inviting and eye-catching.  It also helps to position your table so that you are not standing behind it and creating a barrier between you and the attendees.
  • Be sure to engage with the attendees! To avoid sitting down, wear comfortable shoes. Body language is important for an engaged couple passing by your booth. You want to appear genuine and authentic without being pushy.
  • Qualify the engaged couple…Make sure they still need what you are offering and that you have their date available before spending a lot of time with them.
  • Do not break down early…Take full advantage of the opportunity, and work the show from start to finish. Have fun while doing it!

After the Bridal Show:

  • Follow up with the attendees after the show…more than once! Take advantage of the lead list provided the Friday following the show to continue a relationship with the engaged couples, remind them of your show promotion and complete the sales. They receive a lot of information at the show, so a follow up email, phone call or mailing can be a good reminder for them about what you have to offer and why they should choose you.
  • Consider sending a mailing such as a postcard, as this can sometimes be a more effective way to get your information in their hands.
  • Have patience and do not expect all of your bookings to occur right away. Engaged couples come to these shows at all points in their planning process.
  • Remember that this is an investment, and your return on your investment depends on you.



About elitebridalevents

Since 1990 Elite Bridal Events has produced the Georgia Bridal Show throughout Georgia (Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Macon and Savannah) as well as the Southern Bridal Show in Birmingham, Alabama. Brides are able to meet face to face with wedding professionals and find everything they need to create the wedding of their dreams! They can see a photographer's pictures, taste samples of cakes and foods from the caterers, see their future gown and the tuxedo of their groom on the fashion show runway, listen to the music of their DJ, visualize the flowers that they will be carrying down the aisle, get ideas for their bridal registry, plan their honeymoon and so much more! In addition to getting lots of great ideas and seeing the latest trends, they will be able to save time and money while also having fun! UNLIKE ANY OTHER BRIDAL SHOW…COME EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE!
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